a workshop

Common Workshop Hazards

Posted on - 29 Nov 2023

Workshops are busy, often cluttered places. At times, there can be more than a dozen projects on the...

Office worker wearing phone headset

Codes for Emergencies at Work

Posted on - 22 Nov 2023

Even the best-laid health and safety plans can't prevent every single incident. Sometimes we experie...

Lone worker moving boxes on forklift

8 Examples of Lone Workers

Posted on - 15 Nov 2023

It is estimated that more than 6.8 million people in the UK workforce are classified as Lone Workers...

Cleaner wearing Lone Alarm

What is a Lone Worker?

Posted on - 25 Oct 2023

Lone workers operate in many sectors. Sometimes, though, it may not be clear which of your employees...

construction worker performing risk assessment

What is a Risk Assessment?

Posted on - 04 Oct 2023

As an employer, you have a responsibility to look out for the welfare of your workers. This becomes ...