Features of the Lone Alarm

Our Lone Alarms have several key features which are designed to keep users safe at all times. As well as 24/7 monitoring from our expert Response Team, each of our alarms contain a cutting-edge GPS locator. This allows our team to send help to the user’s direct location in an emergency.


What happens when the alarm is activated?

Step 1

User presses the SOS button on their alarm.

Step 2

Our 24/7 Monitoring Centre receives the alert call. The Response Team assesses the situation.

Step 3

Our Response Team will notify selected contacts and/or the emergency services, if needed.

Features of the Lone Alarm

  • 24/7 Monitoring – Our UK-based Monitoring Centre is open 24/7, 365 days a year to protect all our alarm users.
  • GPS Location – Cutting-edge GPS technology allows us to send help to the user’s precise location.
  • Water & Dust Resistant – IP67 rated dust and water protection.
  • Wireless Charging – Every alarm comes with a wireless hub for easy charging.
  • Variety of Wearing Options – Lanyard and keychain wearing attachments included with each Safe Alarm.
  • Handsfree Speakerphone – Two-way communication between the user and the Response Team.
  • Alerts – Discreet vibration to confirm to the user that the alarm has been raised.
  • Lightweight – Weighing just 33 grams, the Lone Alarm is lightweight and easy to use.



Personal & Small Teams
1 - 5 Alarms

£269* per alarm
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Perfect for Small Businesses
6 - 10 Alarms

£249* per alarm
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Medium/Large Businesses
11+ Alarms

£229* per alarm
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*Excluding VAT

Price per alarm includes 1 year 24/7 monitoring!

For more information on our Lone Alarms, please call our Customer Service Team on 0800 03 08 222 and they will happily answer any questions you may have.