How do I know when to charge my alarm?

We recommend charging your Lone Alarm every 1-2 months.

Location Tracking

When you need help, the Lone Alarm`s tracking function can alert
our Monitoring Team of the location you activated the alarm from.

Is the alarm dust and water resistant?

The Lone Alarm is classified as IP-67. This means that it is both dust and water resistant.

Wearing your alarm

Remember to always wear your alarm. The alarm can be worn either
on a lanyard around your neck or by using a keychain attachment.

Transfer your alarm to another lone worker

If the user no longer needs the alarm, it can be transferred to another user free of charge. Please call our Customer Service Team to arrange this.

Being an emergency contact

Unless you have stated otherwise, your contacts could be called at any time of day or night.

Do I need to test my alarm?

You will need to test your alarm once the device is set up, and then once a month.